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Comparison of online cleaning and offline cleaning

According to the different structural forms of the dust collector, Aier Environmental Design Pulse Spray Bag Dust Collector has two kinds of cleaning methods: online cleaning and offline cleaning.

Online cleaning

The high-pressure pulsed air is ejected from the electromagnetic pulse valve through the gas pipe from the blowing hole above the center of the filter bag, passes through the neck of the venturi above the dust bag, including the induced secondary air, and rushes toward the inside of the filter bag. A short pulse pressure wave is generated in the longitudinal direction of the filter bag, and the dust deposited on the surface of the filter bag is peeled off, the dust falls into the ash hopper, and the clean gas is discharged outside the machine through the clean air chamber. When the solenoid valve is de-energized, the pulse valve diaphragm closes and stops the high-pressure pulse airflow, and the cleaning is completed once.

The problem of on-line cleaning is that high-pressure pulsed air generates a high-pressure airflow reversed from the main airflow to filter the filter bag to shake the filter bag, remove the dust collected on the surface of the filter bag, and the dust falls into the ash hopper located in the lower part of the dust collector, and then The discharge device is discharged outside the machine. During this process, the high-pressure pulsed air has to overcome the resistance of the main airflow, and its strength is bound to be weakened. The effective filtration area of the precipitator is also reduced instantaneously (in milliseconds). From an industrial perspective, the impact of this area reduction on the process system is negligible. In recent years, bag cleaners for online cleaning methods have been widely used.

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