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Briefly describe the application case of our dust collector in the paper industry

Calcium carbonate, starch can be used in the paper industry, can effectively improve the whiteness of the paper, improve the smoothness and softness of the paper, and improve the adsorption performance of the ink, so as to improve the retention rate. With the development of the paper industry, people's demand for paper is growing. In order to make calcium carbonate in the paper industry effectively reduce the pollution of the feeding operators and the on-site environment, our company has designed a pleated type for this kind of working condition research. Bag filter to improve the working environment.

The case design is selected as follows:

According to the on-site investigation, the inlet concentration of this working condition is relatively large (about 30g/m3), the dust is dust with humidity, and there are 2 dust removal points (the removal of dust from the calcium carbonate feed port, the starch dust removal port, plus 6 captures). The mouth is mainly used for indoor ventilation. When feeding, calcium carbonate and starch are separately fed. According to our design philosophy, the model of the pleated dust collector selected by the company is AR-XBH60 (for starch), the filtration area is 60 square meters, and the air volume is treated. 2500m3/h, filtration wind speed 1.4m/min; the other is AR-XBH80 (for calcium carbonate), the filtration area is 80 square meters, the treatment air volume is 5000m3/h, and the filtration wind speed is 1.45m/min. The working principle of the dust collector is that after the dust-containing gas generated during the feeding enters the dust collector under the guidance of the fan, a part of the coarse particles in the air flow settles to the ash bucket under the action of gravity and inertia force, and the granularity is fine. The small volume of dust enters the filter chamber, and the dust is retained on the surface of the filter bag. The purified gas enters the clean room and is discharged by the fan through the air outlet.

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