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Three-party talks, deploying a new strategy for VOC market


On August 12, 2016, Aier and Ship and Shore Environmental team (hereinafter referred to as Aier & SSE) held a three-party talks with Jiangsu Environmental Protection Industry and Technology Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as Suhuanyuan). President Wu personally organized the Suhuan Academy. Experts participated in the meeting to jointly deploy a new strategy for the VOC market.

During the meeting, the three parties elaborated on their advantages and experience in the VOC market and quickly found an opportunity for cooperation.

As a environmental engineering company with many years of experience, Aier has rich application technology, strong production capacity and advanced design management system. SSE has more than 30 years of VOC governance experience and advanced intelligent control technology. The emergency device has a unique understanding and design, and has the advantage that the current peers can't match in terms of energy consumption. Suhuanyuan has a thorough understanding of the environmental protection regulations and related policies of Jiangsu Province and the market layout of the government's environmental protection governance. * A PhD team with a dynamic VOC governance study.


The three parties have joined forces to provide practical solutions for VOC governance of enterprises, to implement the government's environmental protection policies, and to improve the quality of the living environment for the society.

**, the three parties will conduct a detailed discussion on the VOC Technology Forum to be held next month, and improve related preparations. Looking forward to the spark of the tripartite cooperation in the magical bloom of the technical forum!



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