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Aier brings new technology to help China Environmental Expo

On April 15, 2019, the 20th China International Expo was grandly opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Aier Environmental held the new environmental protection technology and joined the US SSE Company, a technical expert from Solvay, Belgium. The owner answered questions.

       The scene showed two highlights of Aier's environmental protection:

First, we only produce two-column RTO with special structure and *safety;

Second, we provide industry* new dry desulfurization complete solution;


    Aier environmental dry desulfurization technology detonated the whole audience, all major hazardous waste incineration enterprises came to consult, when the treatment of high-salt wastewater became a problem, when the problem of whitening was put on the agenda, when environmental protection is no longer a single problem Dry desulfurization will become the industry's leading technology.

       The dry desulfurization of the unsolved mystery for many years, "knot" in baking soda. We are proud to say that "not all baking sodas are called Solvay", Aier Environmental will continue to introduce leading technology to provide customers with better system-wide solutions and contribute to the environmental protection industry.

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