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Sherwin-Williams Paints Project Starts Running

Sherwin (Nantong) project is the third factory in the United States to invest in the country, the owner of environmental awareness is strong, all VOCs treatment and dust collection are aimed at the highest domestic standards, in terms of occupational health and health, but also to the United States standards, to create the best working environment for employees.All these to VOCs management company put forward strict high requirements acceptance standards.

The overall collection of the project pipeline layout is reasonable, the layout of the main equipment area, due to limited space, but by the owners and inspection units highly praised, to the "small and beautiful" design.


  1. For the pipeline and equipment using 3D layout perfect simulation of the field State, control of the exhaust gas production workshop micro-negative pressure, for the owner to provide a safe and reliable system design.   

  2. Safety: Three combustible gas detectors have been installed in the project's exhaust gas system. It is arranged at the summary of exhaust gas pipeline, the front end of molecular sieve zeolite wheel and the front end of RTO Inlet.Attach great importance to design thinking in terms of safety.

  3. With strong process design and computing power and the support of the US SSE expert team, this project perfectly combines the enrichment of the runner with the RTO process, which overcomes the traditional challenges of high-volume and low-concentration VOCs, and effectively reduces equipment input costs. And owner operating costs.

  4. Project management: standardization management of construction process, realization of safety zero accident, quality management, from project start-up to commissioning, acceptance process control has been well received by the owners and management companies.

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