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Shot blasting, sandblasting workshop dust treatment

Whether in the open yard, the shed or the silo, and the loading of the material from the silo to the truck, the height drop of the material from the belt conveyor or the silo causes the material to produce a larger point at the blanking point. dust. The greater the height drop, the more serious the dust pollution.

In response to this problem, the intelligent dust-free loading system developed by foreign manufacturer HENNLICH has the characteristics of **, durable and trouble-free. It is suitable for * fine dust materials to coarse granular materials, which can meet various complex environments in the world. Technical requirements for cargo loading. In addition, for some products that require high quality of materials during the falling process, such as coal, coke, seeds, avoid breaking and reduce quality, affecting efficiency. The automated loading system we provide can avoid on-site dust pollution, reduce the limit rate, increase the efficiency of the enterprise, and the system is stable. It has been widely used in Europe.

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