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Sintering batch dust treatment

The mechanical dust remover relies on mechanical force to remove dust particles from the airflow. The structure is simple, the equipment cost and operation cost are low, but the dust removal efficiency is not high; the electrostatic precipitator uses electrostatic force to separate the dust particles from the airflow, basically having a plate type There are two kinds of electric dust removal and tubular electric dust removal. The airflow resistance of electric dust removal is small, the dust removal efficiency can reach more than 99%, the initial investment of electric dust removal is relatively high, and the floor space is also large. The filter bag type dust collector separates and collects the dust particles through the bag filter material, and the dust removal efficiency is generally 90% to 99%, but is affected by the temperature resistance of the bag filter material, and sometimes it is not suitable for the temperature. High dusty industrial waste gas; washing dust collector uses liquid (usually water and organic solvent) to wash dusty industrial gas, and the dust particles are captured by collision with droplets or liquid film, and separated from the gas stream, the dust removal efficiency is 80%~ 95%, the operating cost is high, and the absorbed waste liquid needs to be considered for recycling or secondary treatment.

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