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AR-RD round bag filter

AR-RD round bag filter


AR-RD bag filter adopts cloth bag as the core filter element and adopts the *compressive circular structure design, which is widely used in dust control and material recovery in building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, foundry, grain processing and other industries.

Performance characteristics:

(1) The dust concentration is high, and suitable filter materials can be selected according to different conveying materials;

(2) The high pressure resistance of the equipment meets the high pressure conveying conditions;

(3) The air inlet combined with the cyclone structure design has the advantages of both a cyclone and a bag filter, and has higher dust removal efficiency;

(4) Rich configuration, can increase the control requirements of different automation components to reach the delivery system; Note:

Note: The equipment can choose different filter materials according to different materials and working conditions. Add different components such as rotary valve, gravity sensor, level gauge, vibrator and other fluidization devices and explosion-proof components and facilities to achieve automatic control under different working conditions.

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