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AR-CH filter cartridge dust collector

AR-CH filter cartridge dust collector


The AR-CH filter cartridge dust collector is a dust removal device that uses a filter cartridge as the core filter element and a pulse injection method. This series of products can be widely used in industrial dust control in shipbuilding, automotive, foundry, non-ferrous metals, tobacco, light industry, rubber, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Performance characteristics:

1. Unique sinking flow field design is more conducive to filter cartridge cleaning;

2, building block structure, can be modularized to meet the required processing air volume;

3, large air volume filter cartridge, greatly reducing the size and footprint of the dust collector;

4. The equipment has low running resistance and effectively saves the energy consumption of the dust removal system;

5. Maintenance and replacement of the filter cartridge is simple, fast, safe and reduces downtime;

Note: According to the environment used by the dust collector, it can also be installed with electric discharge valve, screw conveyor, insulation layer, material level alarm, venting port, temperature and humidity sensor, etc., which is convenient for customers.

The core filter element filter cartridge of the precipitator can be selected according to the actual dust characteristics, such as oil-proof and waterproof polyester filter cartridge, anti-static filter cartridge, flame-retardant filter cartridge, PTFE membrane filter cartridge, to solve the problem of dust control; Please consult our company for the situation.

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