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  • 06-18

    Cyclone And Silo Roof Dust Removal System For Domestic Well-known Kilns

    Cyclone and silo roof dust removal system for domestic well-known kilns.The technical team has gone to the scene to do guidance work.This is the cooperation with the company many times. Thanks to the trust of customers, Al will definitely give back to customers with the highest quality.
  • 06-09

    Aier Provides Supporting Facilities For Schenck Project

    Aier delivers on schedule and meets customer expectations. No omissions in the inventory and loading, efficient protection to prevent problems in the transportation process. Assign a technical engineer to the site for installation guidance
  • 05-31

    800 Filter Elements Shipped To Tai'an

    Supplied 800 air separation filter cartridges for the Chinese factory of a foreign-funded enterprise.We will send technicians on site to guide the installation.
  • 05-21

    16 Tow Filters Exported To Japan

    We have maintained close cooperation with Japanese customers for a long time, non-standardized customized various filter elements, maintaining excellent quality, so that customers can rest assured.
  • 04-22

    Warehouse Roof Dust Collector

    Dust collector on the roof of the silo is used as a supporting equipment for foreign-funded projects
  • 09-19

    Two Collectors Were Supplied For Peter Lacke Shanghai Co.,Ltd.

    Peter Lacke Shanghai Co.,Ltd is a wholly owned Germen Paint producerEngineer Chen was in charge of the project to guide the  installation  of Dust Collector SystemGuide the installation on site and replace one collector and add a new oneModel:AR-BH-155  
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