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AR-ZJ self-cleaning filterOverview:   AR-ZJ self-cleaning filter is a device for front-end filtration of aerodynamic equipment, which can effectively protect the cleaning of equipment rotor. It is widely used in: raw material air compressor of oxygen station, blast furnace blower of steel plant, various capacity Gas turbine, air conditioning air supply system for tobacco and paper industry, centralized air conditioning system with high air dust contentPerformance characteristics:1. The equipment can realize automatic cleaning of air filter components, and other filter components work as usual.2. The filter element is made of imported filter material. Compared with the traditional filter material, the filter material contains polyester fiber component. The filter cartridge has high moisture resistance and the dust is not easy to adhere to the surface of the filter cartridge. Clean filters operate in a low resistance environment;3, high degree of automation, the main components use imported parts, can achieve unmanned operation.4, backflush gas consumption is small, generally 0.1 ~ 0.6m3 / min (inhalation state). Backflushing pressure 0.4~0.6MPa5, reasonable design, to achieve no curved tube design, high-rise building blocks, easy to install, fast

AR-SP sintered board dust collectorOverviewAR-SP Sintering Dust Collector is a dust collector with Aier Environmental Protection and Japan Nippon Mining Technology Co., Ltd., which is made of sintered plate as the core filter element. It has ultra-high filtration efficiency, long service life and almost zero maintenance. It is widely used. In: rubber, metallurgy, chemical, non-ferrous metal smelting and other industries in the difficult to remove dust.Performance characteristics1. Ultra-efficient dust removal, effectively remove dust above 0.1 microns, emission concentration <5mg/m3.2. Long service life, the filter material is wear-resistant and has a service life of more than 10 years.3. There is no change in equipment resistance, the pressure difference is stable, and the equipment runs stably.4. Compared with the filter bag filter, the volume can be reduced by 1/2.5. It can be used in special working conditions with 5% oil, 10% water and acid and alkali resistance.

AR-XBH pleated bag filterOverview:The AR-XBH pleated bag filter adopts a new pleated bag as a filter element. Under the same filter area, the size of the precipitator can be reduced by more than 40%. At the same time, it can be applied to high temperature and high dust which cannot be applied to the filter dust collector. Concentration occasions. It is widely used in dust control and material recovery in building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, foundry, grain processing and other industries.Performance characteristics:1. The dust collector uses modular design and is easy to install on site;2. Compared with the traditional bag filter, the pleated bag can reduce the volume of the device, greatly reduce the floor space, and solve the problem of limited installation space of the dust collector.3, the unique design can greatly reduce the number of filter bags, greatly reducing the operation and maintenance costs of the dust collector;

AR-RD round bag filterOverview:AR-RD bag filter adopts cloth bag as the core filter element and adopts the *compressive circular structure design, which is widely used in dust control and material recovery in building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, foundry, grain processing and other industries.Performance characteristics:(1) The dust concentration is high, and suitable filter materials can be selected according to different conveying materials;(2) The high pressure resistance of the equipment meets the high pressure conveying conditions;(3) The air inlet combined with the cyclone structure design has the advantages of both a cyclone and a bag filter, and has higher dust removal efficiency;(4) Rich configuration, can increase the control requirements of different automation components to reach the delivery system; Note:Note: The equipment can choose different filter materials according to different materials and working conditions. Add different components such as rotary valve, gravity sensor, level gauge, vibrator and other fluidization devices and explosion-proof components and facilities to achieve automatic control under different working conditions.

AR-CD warehouse top dust collectorOverview:The AR-CD roof dust collector is a dust removal device for the exhaust of the silo. It is mainly used in belt conveyor, pneumatic conveying and other material conveying systems in mining, metallurgy, building materials, machinery, chemical industry, grain processing and other industries.Performance characteristics:1. The equipment is small in size and small in area, which effectively saves space for use;2. The equipment has low running resistance and effectively saves the energy consumption of the dust removal system;3, using adjustable pulse backflushing, and with differential pressure display;4. According to the site requirements, the filter elements can be installed in different ways.

AR-CH filter cartridge dust collectorOverview:The AR-CH filter cartridge dust collector is a dust removal device that uses a filter cartridge as the core filter element and a pulse injection method. This series of products can be widely used in industrial dust control in shipbuilding, automotive, foundry, non-ferrous metals, tobacco, light industry, rubber, pharmaceutical and other industries.Performance characteristics:1. Unique sinking flow field design is more conducive to filter cartridge cleaning;2, building block structure, can be modularized to meet the required processing air volume;3, large air volume filter cartridge, greatly reducing the size and footprint of the dust collector;4. The equipment has low running resistance and effectively saves the energy consumption of the dust removal system;5. Maintenance and replacement of the filter cartridge is simple, fast, safe and reduces downtime;Note: According to the environment used by the dust collector, it can also be installed with electric discharge valve, screw conveyor, insulation layer, material level alarm, venting port, temperature and humidity sensor, etc., which is convenient for customers.The core filter element filter cartridge of the precipitator can be selected according to the actual dust characteristics, such as oil-proof and waterproof polyester filter cartridge, anti-static filter cartridge, flame-retardant filter cartridge, PTFE membrane filter cartridge, to solve the problem of dust control; Please consult our company for the situation.

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