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UV photocatalytic oxidation decomposition technologyHigh-energy UV/ozone photolysis technology is a new type of exhaust gas treatment technology.The basic principle is: on the one hand, under the irradiation of high-energy ultraviolet rays, various chemical reactions such as ring-opening and fracture of volatile organic compounds and other pollutants (VOCs) are generated, and the degradation is converted into low-molecular compounds such as CO2 and H2O; On the one hand, the high-energy ultraviolet light is used to decompose the oxygen in the air to generate ozone, and the ozone absorbs ultraviolet rays to generate oxygen radicals and oxygen. The oxygen radicals react with water vapor in the air to form hydroxyl radicals, a stronger oxidant, and Organic waste gases such as alcohols, aldehydes, and carboxylic acids are completely oxidized into inorganic substances such as water and carbon dioxide. In addition, ozone that does not absorb ultraviolet rays is also a strong oxidizing agent. When it is contacted with some organic waste, it is oxidized to form inorganic substances such as water and carbon dioxide, and has an immediate deodorizing effect. It adopts nickel-based photocatalyst plate, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, large specific surface area, light weight, small pressure loss, good adhesion and easy to fall off, and high purification efficiency.The molecular bonds of high-molecular-contaminated substances are converted into low-molecular harmless or low-harm substances such as H2O and CO2 through the cracking of high-energy ultraviolet light energy and the oxidative polymerization of ozone.Molecular formula of ozoneUVD→O2 = O ̄+O+ = O2 +O ̄; O2+ O+→O3The process of cracking and transformation of pollutant molecules isUVD→H2S = H+ + H ̄+S→H + O3S +O3 →H2O+ SO42-UVD→CS2= C+ O3; S ̄+ S +'+ O3→CO2+ SO42-                                    UV photocatalytic internal structure diagram                                     UV photocatalytic appearance

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