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Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO)RTO performance characteristics:※ Energy saving※ Heat recovery exceeds 97%※ VOC removal efficiency** is 99%※ High air volume & VOC inlet concentration up to 25% LEL※ Reliable valve design guarantees VOC removal rate of 99%※ Can design and produce multi-tower RTO system※ User-friendly design, quick installation and easy maintenance※ PLC control system※ Inverter reduces power consumption※ Integrated VPN can be used for remote fault diagnosis and get real-time operation※ Very little NOx generationHow RTO works:The residual heat of the exhaust gas is transferred to the ceramic regenerator and then transferred to the inlet gas again. In this way, the inlet air and VOCs can be heated to a fully oxidized temperature with relatively little energy loss. The specific process is: the organic exhaust gas is directly heated to a high temperature above 800 °C, oxidative decomposition. The high-temperature gas generated after oxidation passes through the ceramic heat storage portion, and since the ceramic has good heat storage property, the furnace chamber is always maintained at a high operating temperature, and the fuel consumption for preheating and heating of the exhaust gas is saved. The ceramic heat storage portion consists of two or more chambers, and the relatively clean gas after pyrolysis needs to be purged from each chamber before entering the exhaust gas treatment system or directly discharged to ensure the VOC removal rate.1. Advantages of working with the Al & SSE Joint Engineering Center include:· Our equipment is made in the US· Complete in-house professional engineering team· Internal project management engineers to process your project· Technical staff for 24/7 factory training can be serviced by telephone.· Standard and extended warranty for all manufactured systems.· Equipment is pre-tested, pre-pipelined, pre-wired and skid mounted to minimize installation time and expense.· Installation, commissioning and after-sales service provided by professionally trained personnel.· Complete VOC acquisition system design and installation.· Customized heat recovery solutions.              ·  艾尔& SSE对本身所有的项目都得到100%的功率而感到自豪。2. Design advantages of Al & SSE's regenerative thermal oxidizer system       · Small footprint       · Custom design * Suitable installation site conditions        · Low total design for elevated installations 3. Designed to meet or exceed current safety standards        · All electrical components UL or CSA certified        · Gas train assembly meets NFPA86, FM, IRI        · OSHA Standard - Personnel guards, ladders, handrails and chains 4. ** Heat exchange mediumFilename · ** rate heat recovery       · Low pressure drop       · Reduce the main fan motor horsepower       · Most processes run in self-sustaining mode       · Can turn off the burner 5. ** Insulation module      · Patent system locking insulation module  6. Single cylinder poppet valve      · Pneumatic or hydraulic7. Structural integrity       · Meet or exceed local earthquake conditions       · The exhaust pipe is designed for a wind load of 110-125 miles      · Uniform stress distribution (diamond frame support system) 8. Low NOx NOx burner filename· Low maintenance· Reliable operation· Easy to operate9. User friendly human machine interface· Color touch screen· Process overview·   Real-time information· Troubleshooting Guide· Operating set points· Alert set point· Temperature change trend· Service Alert (we will add this feature in the near future) 10. Management linkage and process equipment            10.1 Idle mode     ·     Reduce restart time after shutdown  · Improve fuel efficiency  · Easy to maintain            10.2 Hinge Detection/Maintenance Door (Reducing Downtime)     ·     Combustion and medium chamber   · Spool valve block            10.3 Single cylinder poppet valve               · Pneumatic (standard)                · Hydraulic (in extremely cold climates)             10.4 Access to repair thermocouples             10.5 Access to overhaul burner 10.6 Designing for the safety of staff members· Meet OSHA requirements· Safety ladders, handrails and chainsThe regenerative thermal oxidizer is a device for removing volatile organic compounds by combustion. This type of product is suitable for high-concentration organic waste gas, painted exhaust gas, odorous exhaust gas and other exhaust gas purification treatment; it is suitable for the components of the exhaust gas that often change or the exhaust gas contains components that cause catalyst poisoning or activity degradation (such as mercury, tin, zinc, etc.) Steam and phosphorus, phosphide, arsenic, etc., easily deactivate the catalyst; halogens and large amounts of water vapor), containing halogen hydrocarbons and other corrosive organic gases. RTO is generally suitable for treating a variety of organic waste gases at concentrations ranging from 5,000 to 20,000 mg/m3.

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